4th International Conference on Industrial Dynamics, Innovation Policy and Growth










Background and conference topic:


It is widely acknowledged that three major themes pertaining to the economic analysis of technology and innovation are industrial dynamics, innovation policy and growth. Industrial dynamics cover various concepts such as economies of scope/scale, externalities, concentration and barriers, learning processes, innovative and adoption capabilities. These issues play a crucial role in the conception and implementation of innovation policies. The dynamic nature of economic development requires models that capture the linkage between industrial dynamics and innovation policy.


Moreover, the relations among different institutions are uncovered in the context of their impact on economic growth. The main objective of the conference is to bring together researchers and policy makers from various disciplines in order to discuss the following questions:


  • What is the role of emerging industries in innovation policy?

  • How do new institutional and organizational forms affect economic growth and innovation policy?

  • How do the boundaries of the firm and the degree of independence among firms affect economic growth?

  • What is the role of innovation policy in facilitating adjustment of the economy to changing circumstances?

Proposed topics include:

  • Learning process at the firm and sectoral level

  • Innovation and technology diffusion

  • Technological change and institutional change

  • Economic growth and industrial dynamics

  • Incentives to R&D and innovation

  • Innovation, competition and industry dynamics
  • Alliances, acquisitions and open innovation

  • R&D and innovation strategy

To address all these issues, this conference is constructed upon a comparative and interdisciplinary approach. Going beyond this conference, we aim to bring together academics of science and technology policy studies as well as policy makers. Offers of papers on related topics are also welcomed.




EKOLIDER, Izmir University of Economics, Izmir, TURKEY









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